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PageOneX.comis an online / distributed / open source tool for analyzing newspapers’ front pages. You can check an alpha version at github or see below some examples. Contact to us to keep updated about the project.

23.06.2013 @

All the News (and Ads) That’s Fit to Print

18.06.2013 @

Newspaper Front Page Analysis: How Do They Tell the Story?

08.06.2013 @

How are Turkish and International newspapers covering the #occupygezi Protests?

25.04.2013 @

Guns, Wars and Terrorism in a PageOneX real size (photo essay)

17.04.2013 @

A quick test with Local / National / by Continent news

15.04.2013 @

I would have never thought it was so difficult to get the paper

17.03.2013 @

Who wrote the news? Gender in the front page

07.03.2013 @

Newspaper coverage goes 1:1 scale

06.02.2013 @

3 steps to measure the corruption coverage in Spain

03.02.2013 @

Es lo mismo pero no es igual

02.02.2013 @

Cobertura en la prensa española de casos de corrupción

28.11.2012 @

Three updates about PageOneX: How to Heroku, mail list and users start using

14.11.2012 @

Pasando del papel: portadas post #14N en medios digitales

14.11.2012 @

PageOneX: timeline for a work in progress

08.10.2012 @

Syria civil war in Spanish newspapers

31.08.2012 @

Coding online is easier: help PageOnex find its bugs!

06.06.2012 @

PageOneX, ready steady go!

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16.05.2012 @

Las portadas del #12M15M: silencios y gritos

13.05.2012 @

Las portadas de mayo, del 1 de mayo al #12M15M

05.04.2012 @

Trayvon Martin thread in paper newspapers, Twitter and signatures in