This page is a summary of all the extra content of the dissertation: Color of corruption. Visual evidence of agenda-setting in a complex mass media ecosystem submitter on December 2022 by Pablo Rey-Mazón.

Content analysis tools

Databases and data visualizations

A backup of the data sets can be found at OSF project page:

Color Corrupción (2009-2019)

Front pages of newspapers from March 2009 to December 2019.

Data visualization:

Cifuentes’ Master Scandal (March-April 2018)

Analysis of the first 6 weeks of the scandal. From 2018-03-21 to 2018-04-30.

Code and data repositories

This is the list of code repositories that host all the scripts used to develop the data gathering, data analysis and data visualizations for the current research.

Newspaper Front pages

PageOneX: a software to help analyze newspaper front pages and measure the surface area dedicated to pre-selected topics.

Home pages

Homepagex: analyzing home pages with R and downloading home pages with python

Public opinion

Analyzing Barometro CIS, and comparing it to news coverage (SPA and POX databases) with R:


Analysing tweets with R:

TV newscasts