Infography: Interventions at OccupyBoston General Assembly Jan. 10th 2012

As I happened to be the time keeper for the GA, I thought it could be a good idea to make something useful with the data I had written in my notebook. The duration limit for the interventions was 3 minutes. Around 12 people, from the aprox. 39 different who spoke, exceeded the 3 minutes limit.

You can also read the transcripts of the polemic GA: 

Update:  the raw data used to make the graphic

Note:  After some feedback: I figured out that the classification by sex would be problem. I decided to go anyway assuming that difficulty-arbitrary distinction. I made it based on what I saw and people said. Also assuming other problems as when to define a POP/PI in the messy GA from yesterday. I found female/trans/male intervention analysis particularly interesting in such a discussion, and I wanted to address it. Any other way to improve this kind of analysis to avoid arbitrary decisions and to be useful? suggestions?





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