Talk at Emerging ICT for Citizens’ Veillance in Ispra, Italy


Thanks to the workshop of balloon mapping documentation Defiende el territorio desde el aire with Public Lab tools, we (at Basurama) have been invited to participate in the “Emerging ICT for Citizens’ Veillance: Theoretical and Practical Insights”  workshop organized by the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (March 20-21 2014. Ispra, Italy). We’ll talk about the workshop: methodology; engaging and building community and techniques under the Experiences using ICT for Artistic Civic Science on Friday at 1.30pm.

Meanwhile, the balloon mapping kit is still available in the Valencian region for anyone who wants to start with balloon mapping. The first meetup is being organized by one of the participants on Sunday March 30th 2014 in  la Valldigna (La Safor-Valencia). For more information about this topic subscribe and participate in the LaboratorioPúblico email group

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El silencio del rey

Hace un año, poco antes de salir para la cena familiar de nochebuena, decidí aprovechar que la casa real había publicado todos los vídeos de los discursos del rey para construir el infierno real (puedes ver la versión mejorada en El infierno real 2.0). Por entonces mi ordenador no era capaz de reproducir todos los vídeos, pero el ejercicio mereció la pena.

Hoy propongo otro ejercicio usando esos mismos vídeos: El silencio del rey 1975-2012, mi primer supercut.

En colaboración con @guillelamb y a @mikiroi.

Nemo snow storm photos

It took two weeks to publish them, but after another snowy weekend, I had to publish the photos of the quiet city after the storm (no cars, just people shoveling and walking on the streets).