Nemo snow storm photos

It took two weeks to publish them, but after another snowy weekend, I had to publish the photos of the quiet city after the storm (no cars, just people shoveling and walking on the streets).

My GPS traces from last year in Cambridge

I could have also said: “All the places I went last year”, but it would not be that accurate. Instead of yuxtaposing the raw gpx tracks, I found that giving them a transparency they would tell the story better. The black spot is the consequence of not turning on the GPS in closed spaces (noise).

How to:

  1. Record every movement you make with a GPS.
  2. Download all the .gpx files from your GPS.
  3. Merge all your recorded tracks (.gpx files) with Merge tool (Windows).
    Run the program inside the folder and it will merge all the gpx files in one.
  4. Open the generated .gpx file into JOSM. Convert the layer to a data layer (right click button) and you’ll be able to edit the points. Save the layer as another (clean) .gpx file.
  5. Open Qgis and import the gpx from last step (seen in cartotalk).
  6. Create a new layout, insert the map and export to pdf or svg.
  7. Open it in inkscape (or illustrator, or freehand) and put the lines with transparency 25%.
  8. If your computer is ‘strong’ enough you’ll be able to export/print the resulting image (I had some problems with it).

Note: It might be a little bit to intimate to show all this traces, but it looked so nice that I had to post it. Years ago I did a similar map drawing with a pilot every movement I made on a Madrid touristic paper map. I never published it. Different tools, same story.

A night occupying Harvard: videos and photos


  1. March going out of Harvard Yard #occupyharvard Nov 9 2011 7.33pm
    Wellcoming and explaining how the asembly is going to work.
  2. March before Harvard Yard occupation 7.37pm #occupyharvard Nov 9 2011
    People marching from Harvard Yard, where only people with Harvard ID could get inside. Heading north to the Law School yard where the general asembly took place.
  3. First intervention at first #occupyharvard General Assembly (watch streaming) Nov 9 2011
  4. Professor Timothy P. McCarthy at the first General Asembly of #OccupyHarvard Nov 9 2011 8.03pm 1/2
  5. Professor Timothy P. McCarthy at the first General Asembly of #OccupyHarvard Nov 9 2011 8.04pm 2/2
    Professor Timothy P. McCarthy (Adjunct Lecturer on Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government) talks in the first general asembly:

    “…where we can be heard, where we can be seen, and where we can occupy. Harvard as I said, has been occupied before, (…), we occupied where Harvard has been complicit in Apertheid in South Africa (…) living wage. (…) We must occupy again, because Harvard employs the very people who were responsible of the global economic metdown and the political institutions that facilitate it, that have created the suffering that engulfs not only this nation but the globe a a whole. Harvard is complicit (…) Harvard has economists that teach us that profits are more important that people. And we are here tonight to say that this is more important than war, to say that people are more imporant than profits, and to say that the majority is right and the minority at this hour in history. The 1% is scared because the 99% is globalized. We are 99% percent, and it is time to take back this world. Peace”.

  6. March going to Harvard Yard occupation 9.00pm #occupyharvard Nov 9 2011
    After passing the proposition in the GA the march goes to occupy Harvard Yard.
  7. Closing north gates at Harvard Yard. 9.07pm Nov 9. #occupyharvard