Repairing a kite’s stick with a fiber glass safety marker

I just left my first superminiresearch note in the Public Laboratory website.

One of the sticks from Dani’s kite was broken, so we substitute it with a fiber glass safety marker 72″, like this one, that Jeff Warren had given me.
It was easy to cut it with a saw, and to give its shape to make it fit in the kite.


I think it is a great way to make easy for users/supporters to provide ideas or feedback. As it is a “note” it looks easier to post something than if it were a “post”.


Another field trip to Saugus ash Landfill

Yesterday Catherine, Jeff and people from Comparative Media Studies class repeated the visit to the Saugus Ash Landfill to make some aerial photography with balloons or kites. Wind was coming from the ‘wrong’ side and we had to move to the other side of the water to fly the kites.

Jeff has already uploaded the photos to Mapmill:

And Catherine has also uploaded her photos.
We were far away from the landfill, and we got mostly water. We should be at the other shore next time.