#12m15m Twitter archive experiment

The idea of the study is to compare different scraping methods for Twitter hashtags with high traffic. In this case tweets related to the #12m15m mobilizations in Spain, the anniversary of the #15M – indignados movement. May 2012.

Source data to be compared:

This is a collaboration effort by Ignacio MorerVJ Um Amel from r-shief, Gilad Lotan and @numeroteca. Join us, we are willing to replicate this study with other events-hashtags in the future. We’ll publish the results in occupyresearch.net.

*I’ve realized Topsy data change depending on the time of the day you access.

The spreadsheet with all the data is available at: http://bit.ly/12m15mtweets

Data from Topsy May 11th and 15th 2012 and r-shief.