Un artículo sobre el software que utiliza “El color de la corrupción”

Hace unos meses publicamos un artículo en una revista científica sobre PageOneX, el software con el que analizamos las portadas.

The paper Sasha and I have been working on for quite a long time
has just been published at the International Journal of Communication PageOneX: New Approaches to Newspaper Front Page Analysis. We hope it provides an useful guide and resource to the field of the newspapers front page analysis.

PageOneX: New Approaches to Newspaper Front Page Analysis
Sasha Costanza-Chock, Pablo Rey-Mazón


PageOneX is a Free/Libre and Open Source Software tool that we
designed to aid in the coding, analysis, and visualization of newspaper
front pages. Communication scholars have long analyzed newspaper front
pages, using column inches as an important indicator of mass media
attention. In the past, this involved obtaining physical copies of
newspapers, coding and measurement by hand, and manual input of
measurements into a spreadsheet or database, followed by calculation,
analysis, and visualization. PageOneX automates some of these steps,
simplifies others, and makes it possible for teams of investigators to
conduct shared newspaper front page analysis online. We review
scholarship in this area, describe our approach in depth, provide
concrete examples of analysis conducted by media scholars using
PageOneX, and discuss future directions for research and development.

Download article (pdf).