Scandals, media effects and public opinion in book The Routledge Companion to Media and Scandal

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This chapter reviews research on the impact of political scandals on public opinion and the role of the media in shaping such impact. It discusses the social psychological and political science research on public reactions to scandals. The chapter deals with the possibilities of comparative studies and the use of “digital methods” to address the topic. Political scandals thus always threaten to undermine the reputation or even derail the careers of the implicated politicians. Public reactions vary not only across scandals but also across individuals facing the same scandal. Other scholars have examined how informational level and political awareness shape people’s response to scandals. Several scholars have employed the framing perspective to examine how media portrayal of a scandal may influence public opinion. However, to the extent that people may develop various kinds of perceptions regarding a scandal, how the media cover a revealed transgression can significantly shape people’s perceptions and responses.

Lee, F. L. (2019). Scandals, media effects and public opinion. The routledge companion to media and scandal, 445-455.

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