Media ecology

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Lance Strate’s excellent report on “media ecolo-gy” studies approaches the subject from a literary andphilosophical perspective, with some input fromanthropological and psychiatric sources. Many com-munication researchers explore the same territory using sociological and psychological methods thatoften are quantitative. For example, media effectsresearch, including much important work on media and children (cf., N. Pecora, “Children and Television,”Communication Research Trends, Volume 19 (1999),Nos. 1 and 2) really deals with the cultural environ-ment in which we live and the ecological relationshipsit involves. The approaches may use different methods,but they can and should support each other, in the questfor a broader understanding of the role of the media inour lives.

Strate, L. (2004). Media ecology. Communication Research Trends, 23(2), 1-48.

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