How ASUS is sadSUS and I could not repair my laptop: Unfortunately the documentation is not available

Days ago my U52F ASUS laptop stopped working. I tried to repair it: opened it, bought some pieces, but it didn’t work. I contacted, one more time, the ASUS support service. This is our chat:

TL/DR*: ASUS doesn’t provide their disassemble or technical information to end users.



Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:23:24 pm
Hello pedro. How may I help you?

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:23:57 pm
my computer stopped working.
the AC adapter is now blinking.
the AC adapter LED blinks when is connected to the U52F laptop, and it doesn’t blink when is not connected to the laptop.
I have no battery. it died months ago
the light of the led is green

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:25:01 pm
I apologize about this issue your having and I’m more than happy to assist you with this.

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:25:20 pm
the laptop is out of warranty

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:26:02 pm
For hardware issue you would be required to have the notebook sent in for servicing

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:26:31 pm
did I talked with you before? the chat closed before I could answer
you were saying “It could be that the board was damaged in the replacement process”, but I didn’t touched the motherboard at all
ad the problem started before I replaced the jack board

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:28:02 pm
This means the issue is with the motherboard, since the DC port was changed

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:29:02 pm
I see

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:30:04 pm
Would you like an RMA to be created to have the notebook sent in?

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:31:39 pm
I am trying to avoidsending it and repair it myself. I can not afford the cost.
there is no other thing I can do?
it can only be the motherboard?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:32:29 pm
Unfortunately the motherboard may need to be changed
You have changed the charger and the DC port, which leaves the motherboard
The motherboard is definitely the issue

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:33:52 pm
is there somethig to be seen in the motherboard?
are there users with the same issue: blinking adapter when switching in?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:36:51 pm
This is the first I’m hearing of this issue
I haven’t heard from you for a few moments. Are you still with me?

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:41:43 pm
yes iam here
no report by no one else?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:43:13 pm
Had issues where the light doesn’t come or the notebook doesn’t charge, but not a blinking light

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:45:56 pm
I was meaning: not only that you heard, but anyone at ASUS

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:47:08 pm
Unfortunately not, it’s recommended to have the notebook sent in

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:48:41 pm
I can not find any manual online about my notebook.can you provide one to me?
at least of the affected parts

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:51:01 pm
You can go to our support site…

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:51:45 pm
where to look there?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:52:21 pm
You can follow the link I provided

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:53:17 pm
mmm, this is just a user manual, I need something more technical
it doens’t have any info about what is inside

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:55:19 pm
Unfortunately there isn’t pedro

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:55:47 pm
there isn’t? so, how do you do to repair things?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:57:18 pm
Only the technicians have those information

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 01:57:56 pm
I need to repair your product.
I need that information.
Can you contact the technicians?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 01:59:44 pm
Unfortunately that information is not provided to the end users or to anyone apart from the technicians

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:00:19 pm
So, you mean that I can not get the information about a product that I bought and I own?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:02:43 pm
There isn’t documented information on how to disassemble the notebook or on how the circuitry work, that is provided for end users

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:04:03 pm
Is ASUS going to change this any time soon?
it looks like a bad idea to help users repair your poducts.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:05:13 pm
Unfortunately they wouldn’t

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:05:26 pm

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:06:18 pm
Referring to the question you asked “Is ASUS going to change this any time soon?”

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:07:27 pm
That’s what I asked: it is not “they”, it’s you, ASUS.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:09:07 pm
They meaning the technicians will not provide these information to end users, which that information is not provided you technical support as well

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:10:05 pm
As you can imagine, I don’t care about the different sections in your company, and your problems with information tranfer.
Christopher: my computer with all my data is dead. I need to work and you tell me that the info is there, but that you (ASUS, technicians, technical support, whatever) can not provide it.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:11:23 pm
What would be required for you to do is to have it sent to us

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:12:40 pm
If the only answer you can provide is: “send it to us and we’ll repair it”, you are not understanding what I am saying. Do you want me to start again?
I need more information about the ASUS computer I bought, so I can understand the problem and repair it. You (ASUS) have the information, but you are not willing to share it with me.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:16:10 pm
This information is not a documented information that can be passed on

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:17:06 pm
Why can not be passed on? I am your consumer, with your product.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:19:46 pm
Correct and I do understand that pedro, but due to policies this information is only internal

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:21:12 pm
So I guess you have very bad policies. That will be my last ASUS product, and I will write about this, although I guess I am not the first consumer who faces this issue.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:22:28 pm
I wish i had more options that i could provide you with i am truly sorry about that.

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:23:11 pm
I am sad that companies like yours promote e-waste.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:25:32 pm
Sorry i couldn’t be of more assistance to you, Is there anything else I can help you with?

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:26:37 pm
yes, I want you to read what other people are saying about ASUS:…ptop-service-manuals/#toc-asus
really sad
” I’ve called ASUS again looking for manuals, and I could no longer get ahold of the wonderful tech who helped me before. Instead I had someone tell me quite bluntly that “those manuals are our intellectual property and we will not distribute them in any way, shape or form”; after mentioning I’d had someone help me out before, they asked if I remembered who that was, because “that’s a punishable offense in this company”.”

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:30:41 pm
Which the information to not provided to us to provide end users with

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:31:01 pm
I don’t understand your last sentence

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:33:11 pm
I was stating that the information you are requesting is not available

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:33:57 pm
…to the users
can I file a complain?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:36:25 pm
You can go ahead to use the Escalation Mailbox…id=7#!escalation-mailbox/c1scx
Is there anything else I can help you with?

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:39:06 pm
One last idea:
I know you, Christopher, are not the one deciding the policies of such a huge corporationASUS = sAdSUS
I know you, Christopher, are not the one deciding the policies of such a huge corporationASUS = sAdSUS
[I sent by mistake] I know you, Christopher, are not the one deciding the policies of such a corporation like ASUS. But I want youto remember, that from now on you read once: ASUS = sAdSUS
It is sad how your company not supports repairing.
I will also remember this talk. Do you want to say your last word for posterity?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:44:25 pm
I do understand what you are saying pedro and also how frustrating it may be, but we are unable to provide the information you are requesting

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:47:22 pm
look for Joseph K. ASUS in google in the future! amazing help 🙂

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:47:31 pm
Is there anything else I can help you with?

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:48:25 pm
Yes, send the manual of the u52f to my email account, once you are out of the office.
I will not tell it to anyone!

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:49:02 pm
The document you are requesting is not available

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:49:11 pm
forgot to send you this link:…-manuals-planned-obsolescence/

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:49:29 pm
We can only provide a users manual and it is on our support site

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:49:45 pm
You might have some technicians friends
imagine: while having a coffee, do you happen to have the manual of the U52F?
it’s just a pdf
And everyone will sleep better tonight
imagine contributing in this way to the environment.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:52:36 pm
Unfortunately the documentation is not available

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:54:35 pm
I know that. I was imaging a different ending to this story.

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:55:05 pm
Is there anything else I can help you with?

pedro Wed, 5/22/2013 02:56:20 pm
Maybe tonight I will receive that email?
do you have my email?

Joseph K. Wed, 5/22/2013 02:57:30 pm
Unfortunately there wouldn’t be an email sent, where this documentation is not available
You provided your email upon entering the chat

Connection lost. Please check your internet connection and then try again.
Start the chat again

Duration: 01:34:49
Chat has been opened from website: E-mail from LiveChat
Joseph K. was used instead of the real name of the ASUS support person.
The links I sentt,  Wired and, thanks to and his text on “distributed logic”.

*Too long/ didn’t read.

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